We sometimes believe that being a good professional requires perfect outcomes, overloaded agendas and to be fully committed to our activity. By doing this, we lose sight of the essential : to share our experiences and intelligences so that we can raise with one voice constructive and meaningful proposals - without claiming or resigning.

Madeleine donates a potent and generous discovery, which replaces the common good at the heart of organizations - from the multinational to the fablab. What if happiness at work was not a question of experts, but a desire to nurtute the link each day ?

Fabio Balli, Adviser in Social Innovation, Foundation praneo


I am very happy to welcome you and share my vision of organisations and organisational interventions through a simple and innovative approach. This website is dedicated to Organizational Development such as based on Berne's Organisational Theory and on the Emerging Change theory

Do you need to increase your visibility in your job, fix recurring relationship problems, federate your teams and achieve your goals in consensual dynamics?

Practical benefits of the Three Contracts method are amongst others :

  • people at work see their dignity reinforced, their actions given meaning
  • roles and tasks are clearer and more rational
  • time and project management improve
  • information flows better
  • things already working well are recognized and valued
  • the circumstances for team’s success are emphasized
  • conflicts end
  • expands in parallel processes and can be used at all levels
  • the working atmosphere is transformed

Enjoy your visit !